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Taboola Marketing

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Taboola Marketing

Grow your sales to the next level with our customized Taboola marketing services. Specializing in Taboola, one of the largest AI technology-based discovery platforms on the web, we leverage this platform in a customized way to generate new business opportunities for your organization. Our specialist Taboola marketers discover your target audience on this platform among more than 1 billion internet users through their extensive analysis of thousands of metrics. Then they formulate a personalized strategy to reach and stimulate your target audience.

Our professional copy and content writers and graphic designers facilitate them in achieving their goals. They create clear texts and visual content to influence your target audience, and Taboola marketers incorporate smart techniques to take those content pieces to your target audience. Simultaneously, they keep monitoring your campaign and its performance. When they observe a particular ad is overperforming, they boost it. On the other hand, they replace non-performing and underperforming ads. Thus, they ensure maximum engagement and output through their campaigns.

Our Taboola Marketing Services Include

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    Defining Your Goals

    Our Taboola marketers first discuss your requirements with you to figure out what exactly is to be achieved and then draw a clear picture of the goals to draft the right strategy.

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    Defining Your Target Audience

    Until we know whom to convince, how can we create the right strategy to approach them? So, our marketers create a buyer persona and then analyse how they can reach the most serious buyers using Taboola.

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    Devising Your Taboola Strategy

    Once we know your goals and target audience, we analyse the campaigns of your competition to determine what they are really doing to reach your target audience and how successful they are in their attempts. Their analysis leads them to design a custom Taboola strategy.

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    Setting Up Your Customized Campaign

    Once everything is defined, our marketers set up your ad campaign on Taboola, and our creative writers and graphic designers create the best texts and visuals to rouse the emotion of your target audience to act on.

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    Monitoring & Reporting

    Your campaign is constantly monitored and we make necessary changes to make it more impactful. As part of our commitment to complete transparency, we provide you with a detailed monthly report detailing our activities during the reporting period. You can reach our client coordinator or your project manager if you need any clarifications or if you have some suggestions.

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