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Data Analysis & ROI

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Data Analysis & ROI

Love numbers? We do, and we take facts to heart in everything we do at GTF technologies. Regardless of whether you are arranging another site, an upgrade, need to fabricate an application, or some other advanced promoting activity, analytics, and following offer us the responses we have to manufacture it right. Need a second pair of eyes to assess execution, or need us to deal with your analytics starting from the earliest stage? We do everything.

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    We Crunch The Numbers First.

    Not every person cherishes numbers as much as we do. We delve deep into the analytics to determine the high traffic areas, where users stick or leave, and what can be done to make your website perform at a higher level. Every business owner carefully tracks sales and profits, but analyzing website performance is of equal importance – when you want your site to bring you new customers and higher profits. Let our pro analytics team at SPINX dig in and get the data you need to make the changes and improvements that are geared to positively impact your bottom line.

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    Create Higher Levels Of Response

    Define, Target, Optimize. We use advanced analytics analysis to help you get more out of your website and online marketing campaigns.

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    Knock, Knock – Who’s There?

    Who is visiting your site? Do these visitors match up with your buyer personas? Guess what – our analytics team will find out. We can determine the location of the user, and their age, gender, and interests. The data uncovered is a critical point in developing a truly successful online marketing campaign.

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    Campaign Optimization Through Analytics

    Every marketing campaign requires ongoing changes and updates. Without a full analytics assessment, the changes you make are simply guesswork – and could fail. Why waste your hard-earned money? Analytics provides the opportunity to find out what is working, what isn’t working, and to pour the effort and resources into expanding and bolstering the producing areas of your marketing initiative.

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    Usability And Performance

    Our analytics team can watch users as they navigate your site, and watch where they land, what they search for, and what elements drive them off -- or confuse them. We can provide you with a full assessment of your website performance, and a strategic approach to resolving any problems that are revealed. Assessing user behaviour and conversions open the door to reducing falloff and performing the tweaks that can increase conversions radically.

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    Stress Less

    You are a business owner, not a website analytics master – we understand. Just like you want an accountant or consultant to help you streamline production and increase profitability, a full assessment of your site analytics can be critical to the profits or leads produced through your website.

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