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Display Advertising Services

GTF Technologies is committed to persuading your target audience through a thoroughly planned display advertising campaign. Our copywriters and graphic designers collaboratively create influencing display ads, and our expert paid marketers promote them to your target audience through retargeting, contextual targeting, and site targeting.

Our Display Advertising Services

The key to GTF Technologies' existence is meeting your expectations because your satisfaction drives us. We leverage all possible platforms to reach your target audience and hold their attention to get them to your website. Some of the top platforms we include:

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    Google Display Network

    We use Google Display Network smartly to take your advertisements to your target audience and ensure more conversions. Our experts show your ads to the right audience at the right time.

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    Google Display Remarketing

    With our comprehensive Google display remarketing strategy, we establish you as a well-recognized market brand, drive more website traffic, and boost your sales. Also, with our proven bidding optimization techniques, we optimize your campaign to enhance your return on investment.

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    Programmatic Ads

    We run personalized programmatic ads to help you reach your target audience in an automated manner. These engaging ads multiply your website traffic and increase the number of conversions.

How Do Our Display Advertising Services Work?

Our aim is not just to meet but exceed your expectations consistently. Hence, we follow a smart process.

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    Target Audience Research

    Everything cannot be sold to everyone. Each product has its own buyer. Hence, the first step in running a successful campaign is identifying your target audience and their behaviour. Once we know who your target audience is and how they approach different things, it becomes easy to devise the right campaign.

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    Customized Strategy

    Based on our findings about your demographics and competition analysis, we devise a bespoke display advertising strategy to reach your potential buyers and persuade them to buy from you. Concurrently, we also consider your requirements and your budget.

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    Ad Creation And Marketing

    Living up to our clients' expectations is the only objective of our entire team. Our copywriters create ads to persuade your target audience, not to satisfy their creative sense. Their content is based on the concept of behavioural science and emotional intelligence to get their job done. They also assist graphic designers in creating impressive images to catch the attention of likely customers immediately. Our marketers publish those ads on the right platforms and promote them with proven techniques to get maximum output.

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    We keep monitoring the performance of your campaign to ensure it’s going the right way at the desired pace. Based on our analysis, we promote performing ads and remove non-performing or underperforming ads with new ads. Thus, monitoring aids us in delivering our commitments.

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    A detailed progress report is sent to you every month. The report includes the activities performed during the reporting period with their performance. Everything is mentioned in such a simplified manner that you can understand the report without any effort from your side. If you have to ask or say something, your project manager or client coordinator listens to your words attentively and gives the best answers to your questions.

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