ATS Khyber Range

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ATS Khyber Range


Project Overview

ATS Khyber Range – a commercial complex, located at NH-24, offering a posh shopping experience with all its glitz, glam and glory. It is home to everything from luxury haute couture, sprawling fashion labels, fine dining restaurants, cafés and a multiplex too. Thoughtfully designed and created for discerning shoppers, Khyber Range promises to become one of the finest lifestyle destinations. This also makes it the best place to invest in.

Built over an area of 3 acres, the ATS Khyber Range features exclusive brands that attract exclusive customers. It goes without saying that when people go shopping, they plan on dining out. Similarly, when people go out for movies, they plan to eat out, and of course, they inadvertently end up shopping. It is this very human tendency that elevates Khyber Range from being a simple commercial project to a full fledged ecosystem.

The Challenge

Navigating commercial projects in the Khayar range presented several challenges as we endeavored to outperform our competitors. The intense competition posed significant hurdles that I had to overcome. One of the foremost challenges was effectively targeting and expanding the audience base, which proved to be the most formidable task. Moreover, we needed help identifying the target audience and making strategic investments in commercial projects.

The Results

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    Number of Queries
  • 55 Lakh

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    Campaign Budget
  • NH24, Ghaziabad (UP)

    Location Of Project

Strategy & Research

  • Comprehensive Competition Analysis: Analyzing the competition was crucial to gaining an edge. By conducting in-depth assessments, I was able to identify the strengths, weaknesses, strategies, and market positioning of my competitors, enabling me to devise effective strategies to outperform them.
  • Researching New or High-Volume Bundle Keywords: We extensively researched new or high-volume bundle keywords to enhance visibility and attract a larger audience. By incorporating these keywords into my content and campaigns, we aimed to optimize search engine rankings and reach a broader target audience, increasing the potential for success.
  • Running Diverse Campaigns for Page Boosting: Implementing various campaign types played a pivotal role in boosting page performance. By deploying targeted marketing campaigns, such as social media, email, and search engine marketing, we aimed to increase brand visibility, attract more visitors, and improve overall page engagement. These campaigns helped in creating a buzz and drive traffic to my offerings.
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