Dec/12/2017 How to increase your website traffic

There are a variety of methods you can use

to increase your website traffic.

The main challenge you will have is to focus on long-term traffic strategies every single day.

You need to understand that the work you put in today will take time to come to fruition. In addition, the more you understand about how your competitors drive traffic will help you increase the people visiting your website as well.

5 Website Traffic Strategies

The strategies below are the methods I use for any website I create and any client I manage. The websites that receive the most sessions and page views use the methods below day-after-day, week-after-week, month-after-month, and year-after-year.

1.SEO Keyword Research

Find the top keywords for your business using keyword research strategies. You can watch the video below to learn more about finding the top keywords for your business and coming up with a list of content ideas.

Recommendation: Use the Google Keyword Planner and UberSuggest to find keywords that are the most relevant for your business.


2.Create High-Quality Content

You need to consistently create high-quality content around your top keywords. High-quality content can be written articles, video, podcasts, and images that can solve a problem that your customers are facing. Content needs to be relevant and you need to put together user-friendly articles and informative videos that your customers will love.

Recommendation: Solve a problem with your content and ensure that it is better than every competitor who is targeting the same keyword. You need your customers to think it is the best piece of content to solve their problem because then Google will believe it is the best piece of content too.


1.  Take Traffic From Competitors

One thing you should focus on is creating better content around your competitor’s top keywords. You can watch the video below for more information. The main thing you want to do is competitive analysis, find the keywords your competitors are ranking for and improve your content for those keywords.

1.  Go to and enter in your own website.
2. Find some of the top competitor websites that come up on Alexa.
3. Take the competitor website and put it into the Google Keyword Planner.
4. Take the competitor website and put it into Ubersuggest.
5. Find a list of the keywords that are the most relevant in the Keyword Planner and the most popular in Ubersuggest.

2.  Social Media Marketing

You will gain additional traffic when you share content & focus on the top social media channels for your business.


3.  Improve Website User-Experience

You can keep people on your website longer when you create an easy-to-use website and use internal linking. People should be able to find content easily and learn exactly what they want to when they visit your website. In addition, a website with a high-quality user experience will lead to more direct traffic in the long run as well.


If you are wondering how to drive website traffic for your business, you should start with keyword research and content. From there, you can start to build an audience on social media and an email list where you can share your content.



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